Valentino: Master of Couture

November 2012

Framestore's Labs and Design teams have created two beautiful installations for Somerset House’s Valentino: Master of Couture exhibition - a stunning animation projected onto a three dimensional rose, and an atelier table showcasing the history of Valentino's work, viewable from any angle.

The project was helmed by Framestore’s Interactive Producer Jonny Dixon, Installation Director Robin Carlisle, and Art Director Anthony Gibbs. Dixon and Carlisle’s previous success with innovative projects such as Ralph Lauren’s 4D building projection was key when it came to being chosen for the important task of heightening the Valentino exhibition experience.

The team’s first brief was to use Valentino's work as the basis for an animation that incorporates the fashion icon’s enduring insignia: the rose. The result is a stunning visual, inspired by Valentino dress designs, projected onto a giant five-metre rose. The projection starts with a photo-real rose that blooms out until it maps onto the surface of the three-dimensional structure. The team has designed an animation that takes us through the years, showcasing some of Valentino's most iconic designs.

Due to the three-dimensional surface of the structure, two projectors were needed to make sure the imagery reached deep into the rose, without creating distortions or shadows. To achieve this, proprietary software was developed that could calculate and map simultaneous positions of corresponding pixels from each projector.

Framestore’s second installation features an atelier table that incorporates an animated timeline of Valentino’s career. The timeline comes alive as collections of images are projected from above, courtesy of four synched projectors. The projection has been designed and animated so visitors can enjoy the experience from all sides of the table.

The Valentino exhibition, '"the most eagerly awaited fashion show of the season", runs between 29 November 2012 and 3 March 2013.

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