The Sprint King

May 2016

Presenting the trailer to upcoming short film The Sprint King, directed and written by Ben Ducker, with grade and VFX finish by Framestore.

Jessica Vile, Colourist on the work, said: 'Ben Duckers' short film The Sprint King was shot on two different cameras. It was my job to make the film as seamless as possible and give it that '80s feel to which the story was set. My references for the fight scenes were Sherlock Holmes and Snatch, which had a slight green tint; I had to be careful to retain good strong skin tone and subtle contrast and textures, whilst bedding in the '80s race stock footage with the live action that was shot in camera'. 

The film was conformed in Flame by Katie Rhodes post-grade, with Tri Do designing and inputting the front and end title sequences, using old newspaper cuttings as a background, and adding vintage footage to the screens on show.

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