Redd's Wicked Apple 'Scared, Draw, Shake'

April 2016

Framestore Pictures looked to Hollywood, and the tropes of movie classics, in the making of a set of snappy short-form ads for the latest Redd’s Wicked Apple campaign.

Working with Mekanism and Cut&Run, the team led by Director David Mellor worked primarily with practical, in-camera effects to execute the sharp and witty scripts, using only clean-up techniques and split screens when necessary to bring the humour of the campaign to the fore. Says Mellor, ’The entire exercise was a perfect excuse to immerse myself in classic movie genres, using small details like faux anamorphic effects, dust and haze to emulate just a touch of cinema within these funny short stories’.

On set, it was key to keep focus (literally) on the product, the star of the show. ‘The shoot was hectic, in the best possible sense’, says Mellor. ‘Achieving a contra-zoom effect on a 200mm lens with only 3ft of travel was tense, particularly for the Focus Puller! But we got it, and other than a small amount of stabilisation, it’s all in camera, which was a great switch-up’.

All parties could raise a chilled glass to the finished campaign: ‘Working with Mekanism and Cut&Run was a pleasure. The team had a great sense of humour, and we never stopped laughing at a pissing drink - how could you? Dan Maloney brought a fresh look to the edit, negotiating both the clients’ needs, while also staying true to the overarching story’, summarises Mellor. Adds Todd Feitlin, Creative Director at Mekanism, ‘Framestore did an outstanding job of helping us bring our REDD'S Wicked Apple campaign to life. Not only did the spots end up even funnier and more beautiful than we hoped, but their collaboration and tireless effort made working with Framestore the right choice for this project’.

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