Nike Free 'Anthem'

May 2016

Framestore leapt into action on a new and striking film for Nike, celebrating the popular Nike Free shoe and the host of athletes who wear them. Shot across the city of Los Angeles under the direction of the Hoffman Brothers and DOP Max Goldman, the commercial spot takes in a range of sporting environments and stars some famous faces demonstrating the bend and flex of the super-lightweight running and training shoes.

Framestore’s Chris Eckardt was on set to advise on the shots needed to create the mirrored effect of the athletes’ footsteps. The spot was shot with both Alexa and high-speed Phantom cameras, using the Bolt motion control system to orchestrate suitably dynamic camera moves for the iconic sports brand. Said Chris, ‘While we had some very specific shots in mind, we were also capturing additional material on the fly, thanks to the agile and receptive nature of the crew. [DOP] Max Goldman has an amazing eye, and his vision combined with that of the directors and the client made for a very cohesive, collaborative environment.’

Back in the studio, a team of Nuke and Flame artists set to cleaning up the footage, adding the final polish to the film. Said James Alexander, Senior Producer, ’We were delighted to partner with the Hoffman Brothers and Max on this project for NIke. Our team of compositors applied the perfect finishing touches to the beautiful images captured on set’. Adds Eckardt: ’The collaboration of the imagery, amazing athletes, the colour grade and the work carried out in Flame made for a very complete piece’.

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