M&M's X-Men 'Rainy Day'

May 2016

Framestore are once again in the midst of a superhero drama, as the M&M's find themselves in Charles Xavier's library for the X-Men movie tie-in ‘Rainy Day’. Having worked with Red and Yellow before, Hulin and his team knew the exact animation beats to hit in order to get the funniest performance from the comedic duo. The crew also had to create interactive CG rain hitting them as they delivered their lines.

Said David Hulin, Director of Animation on the spot: ‘I love these characters. They are always really fun to work with, and the spots are very memorable. Our collaboration with the Mars brand is always interesting - we recently set up a real-time animation system to enable them to produce large amounts of content for them with a fast turnaround. In this instance however, it was nice to be able to craft the animation by hand, and make something worthy of a blockbuster franchise’.

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