The Martian

October 2015

Framestore are pleased to share an in-depth look at our work on The Martian, directed by Ridley Scott and starring Matt Damon in the lead role. Awarded over 300 shots the creative studio were responsible for the space setting, with work including the build of the enormous spacecraft, the Hermes, and the planet Mars.

Informed by the heavily-researched scientific detail of Andy Weir’s novel, and with input from NASA on genuine technologies, The Martian was a chance for Framestore to further refine the CG and VFX techniques needed to portray and extremely realistic space setting for the year 2035.

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The Hermes is our biggest and most complex spaceship yet, at more than double the length of the real ISS. The majority of its elements are drawn from previous and existing shuttles, with minimal design from scratch. The gravity wheel is a stunning addition, and allowed Framestore's compositors  to create some spectacular views into space from its vast windows.

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Mars was created from a mix of photographic references (of which there are very few), and satellite data. The team worked hard to define the landscape of the planet, recreating key landmarks, and adding colour, textures and clouds to create an accurate but vivid setting.

For more detail on Framestore's work on the movie, click through to The Making of The Martian.

 Twentieth Century Fox presents a Scott Free/Kinberg Genre Production

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