London Stock Exchange 'The Stellar Atrium Project'

April 2015

"Continued innovation is essential for businesses in all sectors and this unique collaboration has resulted in an incredibly powerful visual display, befitting of the leading companies and individuals that come to open our markets” - Lauren Crawley-Moore, LSEG Marketing Manager

London Stock Exchange has teamed up with Framestore’s Labs department to create a stunning, big-bang inspired market opening ceremony and we’re delighted to see it finally up and running in Paternoster Square.

LSEG came to Framestore with a brief to create an innovative, visual representation of the market that would be both informative and interesting for staff and clients alike. After some preliminary research, the Labs department based the graphical animation on a stellar concept; an explosion would represent the daily start of trading with individual stock tickers orbiting around a central light throughout the day’s trade. Each stock ticker would be visualised as a star which rises and falls in a real-time correlation to the market.

“We were looking to build a market open sequence that reproduced the buzz of the long-gone London trading floor, and although a challenging proposition we were convinced that the Framestore solution was exactly what the brief demanded", Lauren Crawley-Moore, marketing manager at LSEG, said.

“Working so closely with an client like LSEG was really interesting as well as a challenge” said Installation Director Robin Carlisle. “It was important to have an understanding of how the market changes throughout the day, as well as what certain terms mean, so there was a fair amount of swotting up, particularly in the early stages.”


With the creative concept in place the team tackled the technical challenges of visualising such vast amounts of live financial data in real-time. “We quickly realised we would need some serious power in the graphics cards and CPU. The data would be visualised on 500 screens with 200 million pixels, so we had to be very precise with the system specifications we gave to the client.” explained Labs Producer Jonny Dixon. The output visualisations were synchronised across all the screens, with broadcast commands accurate to within thousandths of a second, whilst the team also added HD video player capabilities, as well as live TV signal playback, allowing financial news broadcasts to appear incrementally. Additionally, we gave LSEG the ability to tailor make the experience for each of their clients which was done via the CMS and a web page.

The market open visualisation became a major aspect of the project, with the animation having to sync perfectly with the London Stock Exchange open at 8am. “We treated all the screens, including the side scrolling ‘fingers’, as one large canvas so it was important to get the timing of the visualisations just right” said Robin. The team also incorporated London Stock Exchange’s rotating cube and mosaic screens within the completed designs, creating a show-stopping, attention grabbing display as soon as you step foot into the London Stock Exchange’s main foyer.

“Having worked on the project for so long it’s great to see it up and running. We’re very proud of the work and personally I think it’s the best we’ve done as a department” Jonny went on to say. “Myself and Robin had the pleasure of going down to London Stock Exchange and opening the market - it’s quite a grand, unique ceremony and something I’m very proud to have been a part of.”


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