August 2015

Labs at Framestore is a team of directors, developers, designers and producers, providing graphics and applications for events, installations, trade shows and museums, among others.

We live in the space where the real world connects with technology - not just for the sake of it, but to enhance experiences for visitors and brands alike. We have created projects that enable brands to deliver engaging and rewarding experiences to the people they want to connect with, whilst also capturing huge amounts of valuable data.

As a high-end digital production company, we create beautifully designed and developed interactive experiences and installations for brands and their agencies. We have a wealth of industry knowledge and resource, with the added advantage of being able to exploit the technological innovation and creative brains of our global film and advertising business. Our position allows us to draw on a flexible and experienced team, who are well-versed in delivering stunning and effective consumer experiences for events of all descriptions.

In recent months, we have developed bespoke systems that show live, large-scale data visualisations. Some projects are long and complicated; others are low budget, with quick turnarounds. We have developed a tool set capable of interactive experience, social integration, cloud data capture and delivery, continually finding solutions that go above and beyond expectations.

Take a browse of our recent projects, in the dropdown menu to the right. If you have a brief in mind, or a spark of an idea, we'd love to speak to you:

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