Infiniti 'Beijing Motor Show'

April 2016

The 2016 Beijing Motor Show was the chosen destination for a blockbuster brand film for Infiniti, Nissan’s high-end, technology-driven division. Framestore and The Third Floor worked tirelessly to develop a highly realistic CG piece on an exceptional scale, masterminding the twists and turns of abstract environments and high-impact light effects to showcase Infiniti’s prized concept vehicle in dazzling 6k.

The Third Floor’s previsualisation artists were key to plotting the ‘infinite’ realms shown in the 50” film, carrying out a more visually advanced previs than normally required using fully raytraced renders, as reflections played such a key role in defining the shot layout. The brief dictated that the work look entirely real, within the remits of a live action shoot; as the edit process was key to defining the pace of the film, previs shots were produced as overlength “digital rushes”, enabling the Director and Editor full creative freedom akin to having shot the footage on camera.

It was also necessary to strike a creative and commercial balance, offsetting the abstract visual notions of ‘infinity’ with the definite features of Infiniti’s highly-anticipated concept car. Key talking points included the grill, headlights, and the curvature of the car’s rearview. Says Simon French, VFX Supervisor, ‘Balancing the two needs of the film - showcasing both the innovation of the car, and the vision of the director, Daniel [Skoglund] - added an interesting creative challenge to the job. Framestore’s Editorial team were crucial, and our artists did a phenomenal job of creating photoreal environments and  lighting the elements to highlight the two strands to the story’.

Of course, the world stage offered by the Beijing Motor Show called for a picture of the highest quality and resolution. Framestore fashioned the fully CG film in heavyweight 6k, at 50 fps, for its showstopping curved screen at the exhibition, pushing render capacities to the max – indeed the job racked up 22.5 years of total render time in the final pre-delivery weekend alone. ‘The scale of the renders, in both number and quality, was incredible, says French, ‘but so is Framestore’s capacity. Thanks to flexibilities between our departments we were able to find space for these enormous renders, and deliver these extraordinary images in the tightest of windows. Everyone involved put their all into this job, and the multi-billion pixel outcome is spectacular’.

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