Hennessy 'The Piccards'

April 2016

Director Daniel Wolfe collaborated with Droga5 and Framestore Colourist Simon Bourne to bring the epic story of the Piccards to life in Hennessy’s latest commercial. Depicting the legendary feats of Swiss physicist Auguste Piccard, the first man to reach the stratosphere, and his son, who three decades later became the first man to reach the ocean’s deepest point, the commercial is both a visual and technical marvel.

‘When I first saw the rough edit I knew this was going to be special’, says Simon Bourne. “From the get-go I knew Daniel wanted a specific aesthetic, but not to look like a specific era such as the ‘30s or ‘60s for the sake of it. It had to come about naturally’. Simon went through several rounds of grading on the piece, shot on 35mm film, initially using the film’s natural tones to create rich images to contrast standard commercial work. VFX shots were graded separately before being brought into the edit, where Simon completed an overall grade to give the film its cinematic visual tone.

Says Simon, ‘I am very proud of this film, as is everyone involved who worked towards striking perfection. I see it not just as a commercial, but an epic film that will live long in the memory’.

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