Go Compare 'Taxi'

April 2016

The legendary Gio Compario returns in a series of hugely successful ads for GoCompare. The campaign sees the infamous tenor being quizzed by a financially naïve cabbie as to where people should go for financial information, spinning him through a range of locations and environments.

With various weather effects, lighting, plate elements and even animals to deal with, the campaign gave the team a complex amount of information to tackle. Senior Producer Laura Penta put together a team to handle the large amount of work, headed by Tim Osborne, supervising the shoot and leading the Flame team.

The cab was shot in a green screen studio, with practical weather effects and an interactive lighting set-up used to create the moods required by each script, before the team then went on location to shoot all the required background plates, matching all lenses, camera angles and times of day. Framestore brought these two sets of plates together, adding FX passes, glass and shop reflections, lens flares, camera moves and split screens, with Steffan Perry adding a finishing grade to each spot to create the environments seen in the final ads.

Take a look at the full set of spots below:

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