Dell 'Future Ready'

April 2016

Framestore looks to the future once again with Dell, building upon the mesmerizing ‘Beat Again’ film created for the electronics powerhouse in 2015. Working alongside creative agency Y&R NY and director Henry-Alex Rubin of Smuggler, Framestore is proud to present three new spots which use an episodic approach to tell the story of Dell’s tools and devices at play in daily life.

Y&R built on the success of the original story of a young girl called Amy, who receives a heart transplant thanks to highly innovative technologies. The new campaign skilfully extends the creative idea to look before and beyond the surgery, incorporating both the big and small ideas that Dell, as innovator, can bring to life; personalizing technology to all of our individual needs.

Framestore’s New York artists embraced the opportunity to concept, design and animate the technological elements for ‘Night Before’, ‘First Day Back’ and ‘Anthem’, bringing to life all the possibilities of Dell’s technology. The challenge lie in creating solutions that were both innately useful day-to-day and highly integrated, to the point of being almost unnoticeable. Some of the technologies, such as the wall shown in the classroom setting, are already in development by Dell; others, a feat of design imagination. ‘What was great about this process’ says Framestore Executive Producer Dez Macleod-Veilleux, ‘is that Dell and Y&R really helped us imagine what technology can be and will be in the future, and guided us with some technologies that they’re thinking about already’.

Framestore leveraged its award-winning design team to create all of the interface graphics, holograms, screen fills and projections seen in the spots, which were animated and duly integrated by the Compositing team, who also found seamless homes for the newly-fashioned technologies.

The project called for a wide-ranging mix of skills, prompting great amounts of creative collaboration. ‘Working with Design was really amazing’, says Lead Compositor and VFX Supervisor Gigi Ng. ’I love how creative they are. Envisaging the future is always a fun, albeit slightly scary, exercise; it’s incredible to note that most of the technology [in these spots] doesn’t seem that far-fetched anymore’. Adds Lead Designer Akira Thompson, ‘We really enjoyed the conceptual/cerebral element on this job. We were supplied beautiful footage to work with, which only added to the overall look and feel for Dell’.

‘It’s been a pleasure to work with the teams at Dell, Y&R and Smuggler to further showcase this story of technology in action’, said Macleod-Veilleux. ‘Their mindset really resonates with us at Framestore, and being able to apply so many of our in-house skills to the campaign has been a fantastic creative opportunity. We’re excited to see where Future Ready goes next’.

Read more about the campaign on AdAge.

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