British Airways 'Flight Game'

March 2015

Framestore’s Labs team has worked with Container21, Innovision and British Airways to develop a motion controlled flight game for British Airways that will be on display at GREAT Festival of Creativity in Shanghai.

Fitting with the event’s celebration of all things British, players pilot a BA plane around a stylised map of the UK using Leap Motion, picking up points as they visit different landmarks.

All three stages of the game – its sign-up tablet, the real-time 3D flying game itself and the back-end integration with Chinese social network Weibo – have been designed and created by Framestore, and built in conjunction with Container21. The game was developed in Unity in just four weeks, with the team giving it a bold, contemporary look to fit the audience in Shanghai. After finishing their flight, players can see how they compare to other pilots, have their picture taken and see their score on Weibo. 

All audio and sound design was done by Mark Nicholson.

Framestore's lead developer on the project Chris Rayner said: "It has been great to work on this exciting project and to help celebrate British creativity. Integrating these various technologies smoothly has been a challenge but the result is well worth it."

“We are delighted to be working with Framestore on bringing the unique experience of travelling with British Airways to the UK to life at GREAT and proud to be part of this exciting initiative,” said British Airways.

"We knew the end result would have been awesome since Framestore approached us to talk about the project, even though it represented a challenge with the timeframe we all had. It's a pleasure to see how everything came together in a fluid, beautiful and fun experience," said Emanuele Paris and Patrick Tomasini of Container21. 

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