BBC Comic Relief 'Red Nose Day 2015'

March 2015

We were back for our fifth year of creating Comic Relief's graphics for Red Nose Day 2015, working with the amazing Suzi Aplin at the BBC again to produce hundreds of images and animations for the six hour telethon.

Our graphics work includes everything from all the presenter and sketch introductions, to slogans and messages, which appeared in the studio on its enormous 9x5m screen and across people’s televisions. We were part of some of the sketches too, creating the opening title sand graphics for the Bond parody, a tongue-in-cheek animation for No Direction and plenty of effects for the Little Britain sketch with Stephen Hawking (watch that here).

This year’s graphics are a bit of a new and fresh direction for Comic Relief, moving away from its traditional block colours and towards a vibrant neon look. Richard Drew's set design married beautifully with our graphics which with the creative direction of Suzi Alpin we were able to light up the screens with something impactful and different.

That of course had to be balanced with something more pared back for the more sensitive messages and appeals during the show, which is what Comic Relief is all about. “You can’t be too glitzy and flamboyant with the appeals, because they’re sombre and highlight such sensitive issues. So I think we have something really elegant that reflects the gravity of the charity's work” said our designer Sholto Crow.

You can help better Comic Relief's already impressive fundraising total of £78 million by donating here.

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